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Marvell Technology Group is a Bermudan-domiciled semiconductor company. Founded in 1995, the company now has more than 6,000 employees and 10,000 patents worldwide and annual revenue of $2.9 billion (FY19). Its U.S. headquarters is located in Santa Clara, CA.


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Former Employee - Director says

"Emphasize big on LCG and HCG ratio. Low cost geo and high cost geo. Engineering team spread to many time zones. Causing people to work a lot of overtime. Management cares about things can be expressed in numbers."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I can't speak about the entire company because they have so many things going on there. So this is just my experience with my particular business unit. 1. Cost is king so if you are a manager most if not all of your technical team will be overseas. You will lose people. You will have people quit before they even start. It's not you, it's the culture there. You will also end up losing home time to having to have calls in the evening because of the time difference. Perhaps a lot of time. 2. The laptops they give you to do any actual work are actually quite cheap and horrible and way underpowered for doing anything. You'll learn to hate yours. See comment 1. 3. Everyone will say 'You should definitely be at this conference.' No one will pay for it. You won't go. 4. Everyone will say 'You are on the list to go to this conference.' You will work hard to get ready and get all of the necessary work done. Shortly before the conference, you will find out in a random way that you are in fact not going and that some new senior person is going instead. No one who is going will go to any of the technical sessions and so the whole point of having a technical conference is lost. 5. The heads of business units might have some vague idea about the market segment that you are trying to target, but not enough to where it really matters. If you try to educate them (because they hired you to be the expert and they keep reminding you that you're the expert -the only expert in fact because the former chief expert quit out of frustration ), they won't listen. They'll imagine that what you are doing is like trying to sell smart phones and it's 2005. It's not and it isn't and the comparison isn't even close to being apt. Since they're not listening, they're yelling at you a lot. You'll try to make the place better but won't succeed. 6. You'll get a new boss without ever having had the chance to interview them. They'll just show up one day. This should be a red flag to anyone about how much senior management trusts and values your opinion."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"very clumsy designs, disorganized, unfair"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"since acquisition, to many 'ladder climbers' and politics instead of good engineering. they are re-orging and getting rid of good talent to bring in croanies and boss' friends instead of talent ."

Current Employee - Staff Engineer says

"Acquires companies for IP and then slashes staff. Pushes remaining staff so hard they wish they had gotten the axe too."

Former Employee - Technician says

"the pay was kind of low"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"IT is behind citrix VM's and jump servers. Hard to develop code. They don't do source control People don't consider themselves software developers Lots of change going on Periodical Layoffs"


"Certain Director+ level accounting team members don’t get along with each other and try to obstruct each other Performance review process is horrible. Everyone gets 3s unless you’re one of the favorites (and the favoritism is the most aggressive form that I have seen in my career). The review does nothing to inform the employee what they can do better. There is very little upward progression or discussion about it. There are certain people that get promoted every year who aren’t respected. Only way to get raise/promotion is to go get an offer from another company and try to make Marvell match it (but you’re better off leaving Marvell for the new job) There are no skip-level 1:1s and People are still afraid to say what they think in surveys because they are still grouped to their manager and could be easily identified Both the new and the old employee recognition programs are jokes. The same 5 people are going to be nominated and recognized every quarter. The only thing that’s changed is now there’s more money at stake and peoples feelings will be hurt more than they were with the old program. Most everyone that I talk to including myself are looking for jobs elsewhere / want to leave the company or CFO org unless they are junior level and not really marketable There is disrespect, bullying, and hurtful comments thrown around every day. Attitudes need to improve, but unfortunately, going to HR won’t do anything. Questionable actions taken to fire good employees."

Former Employee - Design Engineer says

"management is chaos, some are arrogant, unfriendly. micromanagement and bad culture, dirty workplace."

Former Employee - Manager says

"C level personnel acted just like a first line manager. Then all the director level managers under C level act exactly like individual contributor . You will be demoted unless you are brought in as the buddy of those mangers. You will be demoted if you know more than your manager. You will be demoted if you speak up the truth."

Test development engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to be. They only wanted information from us but gave no indication of assistance they could give the employees. Do not work for this company."

Senior Staff Design Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Compensation/benefit is bad, management is terrible, and company is full of incapable engineers that somehow can get promoted because his/her boss gets promoted. The only decent things are cafetaria and gym."

Senior Design Engineer (Former Employee) says

"micro management, and they dont treat people well. game of throne, office politics, low pay, horrible environment, poor culture. pros: lunch is good."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Benefits were good initially but went down as time passed. Still better compared to other organizations in the Bay Area. -----------------------------------------"

Facilities Manager (Current Employee) says

"When management requires training on ethical conduct and then there is an executive VP that treats his direct reports with no respect what kind of message does that send?"

Staff Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company is all about political. Almost upper managements are non US born citizen. It is very easy to move up to next level if you are one of them. ...NoneBad managements. No clear direction"

Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"To me, this company drains all my energy during my time there. The typical number of years to get a promotion is 5 if you only have a Master's degree. The Big Boss manages with a method of fear, shows favorites, and wants no one else but a group of submissive followers. Nobody feels to be a part of a team (at least for the group I was in). But, after the re-org in 2016, things may change a bit. And the experience could be a little different if you end up with a better boss. Generally speaking, the so-called work-life balance is good. The company stock recently is doing pretty good"

Senior Staff Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Have not been here long enough to truly review the company but from the initial impression it seems like upper level management decisions are a bit short sighted"

기술지원 (Former Employee) says

"업무의 양 및 개인적인 성취감은 클 수 있으나 성과에 대한 보상이 부족함 업무의 양에 대해 매니저가 관여하지 않음 배우고자 하는 의지만 있으면 배울 수 있는 부분이 많음 직장동료들의 역량은 뛰어남 잔업이 많은 일이 힘들었음 삼성 과제를 성공적으로 마친 것개개인의 역량을 믿고 맏김"

IT Manager (Current Employee) says

"The employees are some of the most intelligent forward thinking people I have ever met. The Engineers in the Marlborough office are brilliant as well as HR and administrative employees. These people are exceptional at what they do. These are some of the best coworkers and friends I have ever worked with.Great technology and people. Fun place to work.No Job security."

Senior Manager (Current Employee) says

"busy learn job related issues management is not good job security is a concern"

Engineer & Tech (Former Employee) says

"Company was great early on, and growing/positive. But later soured abit. Maybe due to technology shift or philosophy change from above, but went from a good company to work for, to much less rewarding/desirable workplace. Benefits shrunk & layers of management/bureaucracy increased every year. They did try to be fair to all types of engineers, opportunity wise... not so much for the "non-essential" employees.Flexible work environmentBenefits diminishing, little chance for developing/advancing on the job."

Staff Design Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Work is not often appreciated, got picky managers everywhere. Some of the colleagues are not helpful. Pay and benefit below average. Some people are not polite at all."

Telecommunication administrator (Current Employee) says

"Employees are good, they have a good food, and cafeteria. Employees are friendlyFree gymdon't care about their employee much"

Quality System Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Good if you are recent college grad, they always want designers. Other positions, not so much"

Senior Manager (Current Employee) says

"Marvell senior management is controlled behind close door by Execs. Communication within the teams is rare, and a typical boss-employee relationship is norm. Management struggles to hold on to good talent as the salary and bonus are not at-par with Bay area companies.good cafetaria, gym, exposure to some cutting edge workmanagement style, base salary, yearly bonus"

ASIC Physical Design Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Great events, and benefits, flexible hours, nice team members. They say remote work is not encouraged but is allowed once in a while. That's my experience"

Finance /Accounting type manager (Former Employee) says

"A high end chip design and sales company (outsourced fab). Largely Mandarin speaking culture, smart tech people, poor managers in most departments, hierarchical structure, poor cross functional communication, departmental fiefdoms. Fancy facilities, good gym and cafeteria, free food, good location and parking. They are happy to exploit HB1 visa employees, often very sweatshop-ish. NOT an easy going American Silicon Valley culture, but overall, nice people. Stock price is volatile, no real gains over many years. They DO make and sell good high end chips for cool stuff like iPhones. The CEO and his wife are huge shareholders, so it's pretty much his company.Free foodsome hostile managers"

Embedded Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work, fun people, very professional. Learned about embedded systems, firmware, and testing. have a lot of fun events. over all, good place to work."

Tech (Current Employee) says

"The food is really good and really affordable! But the company has a poor culture despite some of the other perks. And the company has a problem with diversity."